en introduksjon

Hello and welcome to Warmth, Witchcraft & Wellbeing

I’m Hanne Lucia and this is a glimpse into my world. I’m 24, Norwegian-British, a witch, and live in Cumbria, England. I have recently graduated university with a degree in Anthropology and History, moved back to my parents house, and started working in a library.

One of my main motivations for starting a blog is to talk about books, or specifically to keep track of books and what I think about them. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily review them, that feels a little too much like an English class in school, but I enthuse excitedly! Working in a library, helping curate our physical and digital collections, has introduced me to a wide range of books that I probably wouldn’t have discovered without them. I’ve found a rhythm in how I choose what to read – which I’m going to make another post about – but I keep losing track of what I want to read. I started a goodreads account, stumbled across storygraph, started tagging and giving star ratings to books… and now here I am!

As well as reading, I love board & card games, cooking & baking, cycling, dancing, forests, knitting, meditation, nature & being outdoors, running, and swimming. I’m an enthusiastic lover of hygge, coziness, mental health, wellbeing and enjoying the little things in life.

This blog will be about all of these things, and hopefully be a warm, comforting and joyful place to spend time – this is the life I’m trying to cultivate for myself, after all, full of fluffy blankets, scatter cushions, scented candles, fresh baked goods, caramel hot chocolate with marshmallows, and bloody good books!